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Welcome to Boundless Health. We hope you find our website both educational and inspirational. We look forward to hearing from you and starting on a journey with you towards better health, fitness, and performance. I want to start by giving you a brief introduction to why I started Boundless Health as both a golf performance center and a health and wellness center.

It all started to take shape when I injured my back. Shortly after the birth of my second son, I found myself carrying my kids more than usual, and that triggered my lower back injury. I was in great shape from my bicycling and running, but without even realizing it, I was in fairly poor functional shape. That left me open to injury by doing seemingly routine life activities.

After months of physical therapy and rehabilitation, it became clear to me that the “one size fits all” approach wasn’t going to succeed in helping me achieve optimal health and function. It wasn’t until I worked with a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certified therapist and trainer that my eyes were truly opened to what a powerful and meaningful approach they had to body mechanics.

I became an engaged student in the teachings at TPI and quickly sought out my level I certification. Then it was clear to me how my approach as a cardiologist towards helping people on their path to health and wellness mirrors closely TPI’s approach to golf fitness and injury prevention. I had been working as a cardiologist trying to formulate individual approaches to help improve patients’ health and well being, and now I saw the cross over to athletic performance and overall functional fitness. It was natural for me to combine the two under one roof at Boundless Health.

By assembling an expert team all with a similar passion to help others achieve their maximal health and fitness, I have created my dream center and my ideal community. Our team has the expertise to help you create a lifestyle to optimize your health, and to prevent the development or complication of medical diseases. We likewise have the expertise to optimize your fitness and biomechanics to make sure you can play golf or any of the games and activities you love for years to come, with a reduced risk of injury, and an increased passion and enthusiasm.

Please come experience all we have to offer, become part of our community, and succeed in your health in ways you never knew were possible.

Bret Scher, MD FACC

TPI level 1 certification

NASM certified personal trainer

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